BEA 2016 Day One


Whew!!! Exhausting isn’t even the word for what I feel right now.
Caught the train to Chicago at 5:20 am and got into Chicago around 9am.
Had my first Uber Chicago experience and ahh what a great experience.
Getting to McCormick place was like stepping into heaven and you didn’t want to leave. The angels came out and sang to me.
Met some very interesting people who wanted to know more about my VIP badge and I filled them in one the scoop…. (psst… librarian badass)
Seen a few bookcon people that I kept running into and it was always a great experience when two foul mouthed book lovers get together (the comforts of fucks)
Walking around McCormick place you see some interesting sights…


I walked around the entire place for only 3 hours and came back to the hotel with these….



All I can say is…. my poor little shoulders.
Bea should be experienced by true book lovers and not the grabby resellers. We all signed the blood oath to enjoy what was given to us and spread the good word.
I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring, but I hope it involves Riggs and Mafi.
Now off to relax and enjoy a nice cold drink. Mai Tai anyone?


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