Fierce reads author tour!!

Well yesterday was fun. My day started off slow since my mom is sick, so is in a big cranky mood. But got out of there by 10. Got my snacks needed lots of energy drinks (<3) and chips. So 10:30 finally take the 3 hour trip from the jersey shore to almost Washington, D.C. Whole way edm blasting. Get there and parking one huge hassle!!! Only bad thing of the day unless include a bland breakfast. But to say the meters at the library wheRe event is held is 2 hours only so go to parking garage and it’s no better except can only stay till 7 so had move car again back to meters so total spent 15 bucks in parking… But finally 7 pm comes authors Kami Garcia author of the lovely reckless& beautiful creatures which was made into a movie. Cecilia ahern author of flawed. Marie rutoski author of the winners curse. And debut author can’t remember her name sorry :(. But explained theRe books was fun and funny to see Kami if get her talking can talk for hours on about anything and makes herself go off course on topic. Rest were very good. So questions came up and got to ask since question before someone asked what food did your book remind you of, so my question was being in the kitchen what is some of your kitchen disasters but only Marie had one but I was cracking up. Then came the raffle for Kami’s arc the lovely reckless. And was very lucky enough I won woo HOO!! If want A chance be lent it should join the bookcon app ;). Then came the signing part and where fun can happen since can talk with some book nerds and found a Facebook group where I’ll find other author signings in dc area. Get to author signing Cecilia is happy she is like a owler person since received her book in owl crate. Signed the letter, the mini poster and the book and funny moment i said I traveled 3 hours and Cecilia gets excuse since didn’t know was located since she is from Europe so publist sayes next up Boston and Cecilia is that like only 2 hours away I’m chuckling I’m noooo and her publist goes 4 hour train ride. Debut author just signed coloring book. Kami and Marie chatted together and was funny Marie is from NYC so figure she would know my town but had no clue. Last but not least Kami and I chatted yallfest and dinner places I should go eat next year. And gotta give a shout out I don’t have her name but she wasn’t going to read the book she won so she gave it to me to make someone happy. Like said join bookcon app. Last but not least the grueling ride back  home since author adrenaline is gone.


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