Diary Of A Haunting- M. Verano

“The invisible are waiting for you.”
Paige and her family go through a very heated divorce, which leaves the family in ruins.
They pick up their lives in LA and move to Moscow, Idaho. And they move into a house with the richest history of all…. (Speaks into the microphone…. queue the music)(Wave the lightning board) (Backdrop… dark and stormy night)
Mom, Paige and Little brother Logan all settle in for a nice change of scenery… until the insects come out to play. (Flies… we need hundreds of loud annoying flies) Paige starts to count and become obsessed with all of the flies and spiders that are covering the house.
Logan…. well let’s just say he’s going through some stuff. And by stuff I mean, sitting on Paiges bed picking bugs off of her face, playing video games at night and losing (even though he’s a wiz) and writing the same letter over and over to dear old dad. Something spooky is going on here (Manic laughter)
Paige is set to find out the truth of this house and the story behind what is making her crazy. But what she doesn’t realize is that this may have to come from the inside. Maybe she needs to seek inner peace to find the answers she craves….
This book wasn’t as spooky as I was hoping for, but it didn’t hurt the story at all. The ending could have been different. When they burned the letters, I thought oh this can’t be the end! and it wasn’t. Good job! Some parts I could have told you were coming, but for the most part, I was surprised. To the normal everyday person, this might be creepy… to me, this is just a breeze. Now where is that Cabana boy with my drink…..
“The dead will bring you what you want.”


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