Make Something Up- Chuck Palahniuk


“Santa’s sure you choked down bigger meat than this!”
Chuck Palahniuk finally came out of the closet…. I bought this book awhile ago and put it in my tbr closet and I forgot all about this gem until I went digging into the dark pit known as the book closet. As it sat there gleaming like the holy grail, I reached down.. eyes wide and held it close my to chest… like my precious.
“It’s like in death, we all get a glamor shots makeover.”
For awhile I’ve been trying to track down all the magazines with his short stories in them. My husband said… why doesn’t he just publish a book with all of them in it? And then here it was, like an answer to his Palahniuk prayers!!!
If you love Chuck, you’ve probably already read most of these. It reminds you why you live and breathe Chuck. His stories mess with your mind and it feels like your’re in an escape room that you don’t want to leave. This contains some of my favorite short stories of all time. Sometimes you just need a good sock to the face. Thank you, Tyler!
“Watch me pull a rabbit out of my pants. And he sprayed hot baby gravy all over a bookcase full of nothing except a hundred of to kill a mockingbirds.”

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