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*Arc Review* Sea Witch- Sarah Henning

“Witchcraft has no place except in the depths of hell…. Shall there be any devils on our shores, know you do not belong here nor in this world. The light will win and you shall be swallowed deep into the flames and returned to your horned maker.”

Ursula is my twin. We are both large and in charge and rude as hell. She is the villainess queen of all queens. So I was desperate to get my hands on this book to see an original origin story of the queen of the dark seas.

Throughout the entire book, I kept second guessing what was going to happen. We all know the story of the Little Mermaid and how she gets to be where she is. But I just didn’t want to believe that sweet, little innocent Evie turned into something pure evil.

With these origin stories, my heart always sticks with the villain throughout. We see the beauty of their heart and what tears it into a million pieces. I will say that the transformation of each character is shocking and also mesmerizing.

For what this was I wasn’t blown away but it was a decent story. The character and world building was good but a tad bit slow for my tastes. All the backstabbing made me giddy as hell and that was what I wanted more of. But we come out of this with a fantastic back story that sheds a lot more light on the past and the future.

Ursula: You’ll have your looks. Your pretty face and don’t underestimate the importance of “body language.” Ha!

~Book Review~ Riven by Jane Alvey Harris: Which Reality Would YOU Choose?

Good morning, book worms! I hope your week is going well and is filled with plenty of reading. Mine has been, for the most part.

I have a question for you: if you could choose, would you rather live in reality or in a fantasy world? I love reality, but I always find myself getting lost in fictional worlds. I mean, how can you NOT love fantasy worlds? I’d probably want to live in a fantasy world I could potentially manipulate, kind of similar to Emily’s fantasy world in Riven by Jane Alvey Harris. I had the wonderful opportunity to read Riven, so check out my review below!

Thank you to Film 14 and Jane Alvey Harris for providing a copy of Riven! 

51Ej+R-i8ULBook title: Riven

Author: Jane Alvey Harris

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Fiction

Page Length: 254

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

About Riven

Seventeen year-old Emily’s dad is in prison for securities fraud and her mom’s strung-out on pain meds, leaving Emily to parent herself and her younger brothers and sister. She’s got things mostly under control until a couple weeks before Dad’s release, when voices start whispering in her head, and Gabe, the hot lifeguard at the pool, notices the strange brands engraved on her arm…the ones she’s trying desperately to hide. Emily doesn’t know how the symbols got there or what they mean. They appeared overnight and now they’re infected and bleeding. She’s pretty sure she’s losing her mind.

Stress, insomnia, and her wounded egos drive Emily to self-medicate, which has to be why the nightmares from her childhood have resurfaced, why they’re commandeering her conscious even when she’s awake. It has to be why the fairytale creatures she created as a little girl insist they need her help.

Triggered by the return of her childhood abuser and unable to cope with reality, Emily slips completely inside her elaborate fantasy world. She’s powerful in the First Realm, maybe even more powerful than her attacker. It would be so easy to stay there, to lose herself in enchantment…to lose herself in love. But something sinister lurks in the forest shadows. Emily soon discovers her demons have followed her inside her fairytale. They’re hunting her. With the help of the Fae, she frantically searches for the weapons she needs to defeat her greatest fears and escape back to reality before the man who tortured her can prey on her younger brothers and sister, too. Time is running out…

Riven is now available to buy on Amazon  and at Barnes and Noble  To find out more about the My Myth Trilogy, visit Jane’s website here.

If you would like to see more into the world of Riven, check out the amazing book trailer!

My Review

“What is real? Who can say that the stories living inside you aren’t real?”

Riven is a beautifully intricate story about a girl who constantly slips into her fantasy world to escape her harsh reality. Emily’s fantasy world consists of the First Realm, a world with faeries; it was a world that used to bring joy to her and her siblings, until recent events have caused the world to spiral out of control. Not only has Emily’s fantasy world taken a turn for the worst, so has her reality. And both worlds start to collide together, causing Emily to wonder about her well-being and what is real and what is fantasy.

In Emily’s reality, her past is something she can’t seem to let go; dealing with physical and mental abuse and mental illness is something any child would want to escape from. So, Emily escapes to her fantasy world. But the question arises: is it all in her head or is a world that really exists? Jane Alvey Harris does a magnificent job of entwining both worlds together. As the reader, I got a sense of Emily’s disorientation of what was reality and what was fantasy; I felt her pain, her loss, her hardships; but I also felt her magic, her hope, and her fierceness. This broken girl becomes someone so strong, and seeing a character like that helps to make this an addictive read.

Weaving between both worlds, I thought, made it easier to understand Emily’s disorientation. The reader starts to comprehend her confusion, and gets a front row seat glimpse into Emily’s life. Being able to feel and understand what Emily was going through gave an insight to the life she was living and the battles she was facing. The storyline between both worlds becomes a mystery to the reader. There were times when the fantasy world was unexpected and sudden, so it became a mystery trying to figure out when the fantasy world took over and when both worlds collided.

It’s a dark and intoxicating read. Once you start reading, it’s difficult to put down because you get so engrossed in the story and in Emily’s life. You get curious about what is going on and how wonderfully well the author does with blurring the lines of both fantasy and reality. The fight between reality and fantasy is real for Emily and her siblings, and even for the reader. The story is haunting and intricately detailed in a way that makes you shiver with tension and curiosity. Jane Alvey Harris brings a fresh voice to the fantasy genre, one you will not be disappointed reading.

So I ask you that question again: Which reality would YOU choose?


*Arc Review* Puddin’- Julie Murphy


Picture Borrowed from
Julie Murphy’s Twitter Account!

“Love comes and goes, but lipstick is forever.”

We all know that after reading Dumplin’ it took over my life. Dolly Parton was a fixture in my life after that one. Me being a large and in charge gal made me look at life a little differently and nothing could or would stand in my way.

And then I heard about this companion novel and to say that I was stoked is the understatement of the year.

Puddin’ alternates between Callie and Millie. We get to see how different their lives are and then how they come together. It’s something that we thought might never happen again but Julie surprises us.

I highly enjoyed this one but nothing will ever compare to the joy that Dumplin’ brought into my life. They are both wonderful stories of girl power and sticking up for the underdog but this didn’t even come close to what Dumplin’ did. The thing of it is that I still really liked this one. It held that same powerful message and that nothing can’t be fixed with sweet tea and some Dolly Parton.

And WillowDean and Bo make the cutest and sweetest appearances in this book. I really hoped that this book would contain a lot more of them both but we get glimpses into the now and that was good enough for me….. at the moment.

Julie Murphy has this wonderful way of turning any situation into something lighthearted and fun. And it’s no different here.

Just remember, Riots not diets!!


*Arc Review* My Plain Jane- Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows

Release date: June 26th

Publishing house: Harper Teen

Genre: Fantasy

I enjoyed book one, so I already had high hopes for book two.  Which, they each can be read as a stand-alone. And it does not fail.

I’ve read one review where they compared it to the Ghostbusters and a retelling of Jane Eyre, which I have never read before.

But here is what this book is about. Jane Eyre can see ghosts after having a shoddy childhood as she was stuck in an orphanage. Until one day she finds an opening for a governess. But before she goes, there is a murder at her orphanage and the group called the society is coming to investigate. There’s a ghost at a local bar and they plan on getting answers.  At this time a lady going to a bar without being accompanied was very unlady like unless she was a lady of the night.

I won’t say more but this book wasn’t as funny as the first but I enjoyed this storyline a lot more. It seemed to have a cuter romance to it especially for two characters. And the pleasant thing about these stories is that each author takes a character. So there’s not more than one mindset to so some characters and they don’t get all the spotlight.

These authors really know how to mix the fantasy of the ghost world to mixing it with that day and age. At how little Gents and women chatted with one another and how some of things they did was extremely risky. Especially with a woman showing her bare leg. And what’s nice about books in the series is that the writing is not to the same style of the times. If it was I’d say for us normal readers it would hard to read old English writing which we read Beowulf or Canterbury Tales. So overall this book was amazing and I didn’t want it to end. It was one of my higher fantasy books that I’ve read this year and will be a favorite for the year.

5/5 stars


WWW waiting on Wednesday contemporary edition

Every Wednesday is the 3 questions what are you reading? What did you finish recently and what will you think will read next.

Unlike nikole that’s heavy fantasy I’m on the other end of the spectrum like usual I love contemporary’s.

1. What are you currently reading??? I am reading nice try Jane sinner by Lianne Oelke

So far just 50 pages so can’t say. Just all you know is Jane is expelled from school we don’t know why, but she has gone to college classes and joined a college reality tv show like big brother. So the plot is intriguing.

2. What do I plan to read next?

What I plan to read next if I can even find it is

Like said on Monday it’s been in my good reads tbr forever so if I can find my recently purchased book I’ll read it if not I’ll read meet cute which is short stories by some big named ya authors.

3. What have you recently finished

The books I have recently finished was ready player one & now a major motion picture.

I saw ready player 1 before the book and the movie was amazing 😉 saw it fir 3rd time today, but to the book yes a lot of things are different but the book was just as good. It’s def more 80’s pop cultured and challenges different big time but both for their own was amazing. Now the other book now a major motion picture is about a girl and her family. The mc’s grand ma was a insanely popular author similar make it out to jk Rowling and turning their grand Ma’s book to a movie. The mc grew up not liking the fame light on family so when forced to go to set she is not happy. But yea I loved this book is half a normal person to celebrity novel and half self learning book 5/5 stars.

So have any contemporary books your excited for or one just read you loved give us some love and hit the title to us in the comments :).


WWW Wednesdays: It’s All Fantasy to Me

Hello, lovely book peeps! I can’t believe it’s already April; this year has flown by so fast! There have been so many amazing Young Adult books released, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds in the book world!

WWWEvery Wednesday, we participate in a blog post known as ‘WWW Wednesdays.’ This was originally hosted by MizB at A Daily Rhythm before moving to Taking on a World of Words. 

You may be wondering what the three Ws stand for. The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

What am I currently reading?

Have you ever loved a book so much that you don’t want it to end? That’s how I currently am with Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young. I have about 100 pages left and I love the world, the characters, the writing so much that I don’t want it to come to a close. If you do not have this book on your radar, it needs to be!

I’m not as far in Riven as I am Sky in the Deep, but I am pretty close. And, boy, this is a beautifully intricate book! The characters act real (which I love) and the fantasy aspect is different from anything I have read. I can’t wait to share my review of Riven by Jane Alvey Harris next week!

What did I recently finish reading?

The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw is a beautifully stunning read, with memorable characters and plot twists. My review will be posted very soon, so keep a look out! I recommend adding The Wicked Deep to your TBR pile!

What intrigued me the most about Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian was the gorgeous cover. From there, I wanted to read that book, not even knowing what the plot was about. I finished Ash Princess in a timely fashion, but I will say I was not as hooked to the story as I was the cover. The plot was wonderful and I loved Theo, but there were some parts of the story that caused the story to not be as memorable as I would have liked. My review will be posted soon! Overall, though, it was not a bad fantasy book!

What do I think I’ll read next?

This question is simple for me. I have a blog schedule I follow, so I know what books to read next and when to post reviews.

Secret Keeper by Jane Alvey Harris is the second book in the My Myth Trilogy (Riven being the first book). I can’t wait to continue to follow Emily’s journey and see what happens next!

I have been impatiently waiting to read Onyx & Ivory by Mindee Arnett for a couple months now. I’m luckily part of the amazing Onyx & Ivory street team, so I have been gearing up to read this book for quite a while now.

As you have probably pieced together, all the above books are fantasy reads. Fantasy is my go-to genre, so it’s never a surprise to me when my reading pile is all fantasy.

What book(s) are you currently reading? What book(s) are you excited to read next?